Alt-Secure challenges the traditional, because we can take a view on every solution from every vendor, and we’re not bound to any.  That means we won’t specify a cyber security solution because it is right for us, but because it is right for you.

About us

Nobody wants to invest precious time and budget on IT security unnecessarily, but no business would survive without it. Today’s busy IT security leaders can only justify changes to their security infrastructure through predictable, proportionate investment that delivers on its promises.

Many security providers advocate constant ‘rip and replace’; forever pushing what’s hot today, complete with heavy price tags and cosy profit margins. Their offering is shaped more by the latest industry buzz than by providing the cyber defences that are right for you.

Alt-Secure is different. Our team has the deepest industry experience, working across multiple disciplines, with the widest variety of technologies, in every vertical market; commercial and Public Sector.

We are independent and vendor agnostic. Our recommendations are based on the proven experience of our implementation specialists and our customers.

We take a consultative approach to help you get maximum return on your security investment, and to identify intelligent solutions that eliminate gaps and mitigate risk.

That means we are able to position genuinely best-of-breed products and services, deployed and fully integrated to capitalise on your existing infrastructure and in-house skills.

We won’t specify a cyber security solution because it is right for us, but because it is right for you.

Alt-Secure’s 6-point promise

The best security will only protect you if specified correctly, implemented professionally, deployed fully, managed diligently, and actively monitored for anomalous behaviour.

1 Specify

Whether you’re updating an existing control or undertaking a full top-down security review, we help you to prioritise and roadmap the features that matter within the context of your organisation’s capability and budget.

2 Implement

Our professional services team has the pooled experience of many hundreds of implementations in some of the largest and most complex environments.  Our implementation of your chosen solution ensures it is designed, sized and configured in line with vendor best practice from the outset. Our technical training and professional documentation ensure a comprehensive handover to your in-house or outsourced team.

3 Deploy

Until your chosen solution is fully deployed you remain open to opportunistic attack and lateral movement within your on-premise or cloud estate.  We help you plan, develop and test the right strategies to ensure you achieve rapid deployment without disruption.  If you need us to take care of the rollout across your estate then we’ll do that too.

4 Manage

Proper management of your security controls requires priority commitment, and continually available resources with up-to-date skills.  When your in-house team has competing priorities or gaps in skills and capacity, we provide a range of managed solution options, from periodic health checks and support to fully outsourced managed services.

5 Detect

Protective monitoring of your estate allows detection of malicious activity by both external and internal threat actors.  Equally valuable is the detection of both technical and structural vulnerabilities across your network infrastructure, and of gaps in policy and compliance suggested by anomalous user behaviour.  Our monitoring solutions bring light to every corner of your network, so that no threat needs go undetected.

6 Respond

Major cyber incidents arrive without warning; the best response means being prepared.  We take a preventative approach to Incident Response, working with you to understand the context of your organisation; to remediate your vulnerabilities and mitigate risk; and to develop and test runbooks so that you have a well-rehearsed plan when the worst happens.

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